Transactional Analysis

Transactional Analysis (TA) is a widely recognized form of psychotherapy created in the late 1950s by the American psychiatrist Eric Berne. It offers practical, clear and accessible conceptual tools that support psychological healing, change and personal development.

TA is based on three fundamental assumptions:

  1. All people are equal and have value.
  2. All people have the capacity to think, therefore they can decide for themselves.
  3. People decide their own destiny and they have the capacity to change their decisions at any time.

The benefits of Transactional Analysis therapy:

  • It offers complex but accessible tools to help you identify and eliminate self-limiting thinking, emotional and behavioral patterns as well as internal conflicts, in order to recreate healthy functioning.
  • It helps you to recognize your value and enhance your capacity to solve problems and make conscious beneficial decisions for yourself.
  • It supports you to set in motion your own internal resources and develop helpful skills, in order to cope with difficult situations, fulfill your full potential and achieve your goals.
  • It helps you to do open and honest communication and increase spontaneity, manage and express authentic feelings and improve your relationships.

In TA therapy, the therapeutic process is based on a succession of contracts, which are explicit mutual agreements between the therapist and the client about the change/outcome that is aimed and how to recognize that it was reached.

TA aims for autonomy, personal change and growth by examining our views on ourselves, others and the world and finding ways of changing their limiting aspects.

TA can be applied as an effective short/medium-term, solution-focused therapy, as well as long-term, in-depth therapy.

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