What to expect?

• an empathic, supportive and non-judgemental listening.

• a safe, impartial and confidential space, where you can freely express your thoughts and feelings.

• a “here and now” experience of the therapist-client relationship. This offers you the opportunity to develop awareness of your thinking, emotional and behavioral patterns and of the way you relate to yourself and to others.

• a creative, dynamic and solution based approach and a customized therapy process, that help you build awareness, knowledge, skills, self-confidence and self-reliance, in order to overcome life challenges,  find solution to any problem and reach your goals.


The frequency of sessions is variable.

At the beginning of the therapy, in order to have a sense of continuity and progression and to get the most out of your therapy, it is important to have weekly sessions, usually at the same scheduled time.

In the advanced stages of therapy, when the goal is reached, the sessions could be every other week or even once per month in order to enforce and maintain the change.

In some particular situations, when an intense psychological support is needed, two sessions per week could be necessary.

We’ll decide together which frequency is more suitable for your situation.


The length of the therapy depends on your needs, the nature and the intensity of your issue, but also on your time and financial resources.

Some people need a short-term therapy (10-12 sessions) to reach their goal, others may need a long-term therapy (several months or even years) until they feel that their therapy is complete.

After achieving the specific goal for which they came in therapy, some people choose to continue for personal growth, in order to develop more self-awareness, confidence and skills to make more profound changes in all areas of their life.

During the initial sessions, we will agree on how many sessions you should commit to.

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