Psychologists and therapists are bound to a Code of Ethics, which defines a solid framework in order to protect the client and assure a high quality service. These guidelines also inform clients about what they should expect from a psychologist / therapist.

In my practice, I comply with the NIP (Nederland Instiuut van Psychologie) and the IFAT (Insitut Francais d’Analyse Transactionnelle)  codes of ethics:

NIP Code of Ethics

EATA Code of Ethics


The contents of therapy sessions and identity of the client remain confidential without client’s written consent, except for very few situations: the legal obligations, when a client is a threat to himself/herself or others and the supervision. The information shared in supervision is itself protected under a contract of confidentiality and the supervisor will not have enough personal information about the client (such as full name), so his/her identity will be protected.