About me

Monica Chirvase, MSc. Psychology – Transactional Analysis psychotherapy

I am a psychologist and Transactional Analysis therapist working with expat adults at my practice in The Hague.

I provide individual therapy sessions, group therapy sessions and workshops in English, French and Romanian.

My studies and trainings are in the field of psychology and psychotherapy. I hold a bachelor’s degree in psychology, a master’s degree in analytical psychology and I have been trained for 6 years in Transactional Analysis psychotherapy.

My approach:

My main reference is transactional analysis (TA), which is an integrative, solution-focused approach, but also a form of therapy that can be effectively used for deep personal growth and transformation. Based upon each client’s specific needs and situation, I use TA in combination with concepts and techniques from other approaches to psychotherapy. I take into account all the dimensions of the person: cognitive, emotional, corporal, sociocultural and spiritual.

As a therapist, I am passionate about helping people to find a way out of their psychological suffering, improve their emotional well-being and succeed in achieving their goals. I actively support them so that they gain awareness and understanding of their thinking, emotional and behavioral patterns and their underlying beliefs and cultivate an effective mindset.

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